Monday, July 27, 2015


-----metalachi is one of my favorite bands to listen to. i love a good mariachi band and i love metal. put them both together and you have metalachi. if you lived in a 30 mile radius of santa rosa, then you slept on something amazing that rolled thru. i heard they may play petaluma in the future, so keep your ears peeled. otherwise, i guess a few select members of the rosa scum witnessed some true awesomeness last saturday. watch the video. my phone was almost dead. i got 3 clips. its around 6 mins. grab a beverage and enjoy.

-----its been a while since i pissed in one of these.

-----all this room. where the fuck is everybody?

-----remember when you would get dressed up to go to the fair??? sonoma county's finest trying to take a selfie and trying to be internet cool, without knowing a thing about what is on stage.

-----i have been waiting years to see these guys!!

-----bet your ass, mexi-matt was there.

-----break out the lighters for the ballad.

-----you god damn right, rosa scum all up in this.

-----i even swooped up a shirt.

-----mtalachi mix. whitesnake, van halen and metallica.

-----my favorite you-tube clip of these guys. i dare you not to start a mosh pit in your house!!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


-----so my buddy gabe. aka sergio aka billy gabe got a gopro and decided he wanted to film some interviews and take some pics for his "for the love" series he is starting up. i was the beta test, so he could figure out how he wanted to edit things and make it work. so grab a beverage and check it out. oh yeah, that shit is in HD!....way to tech for the chronnies.

-----a full days worth of barney styles.....can i get on the tired team by any chance??

Sunday, July 19, 2015


-----its no secret i have been pretty busy this last year. most of my filming or pics goes straight to the insta account. i need to just grab the dad cam and film more shit and take more pics. i had a bunch of random clips, so i figured i would put them all together for "shits and giggles." enjoy.

------random video styles. click the play button even though it doesn't have a thumb nail.