Sunday, August 29, 2010


take a look at the photo above. this one carries alot of symbolism. i mean all of us are just a bunch of dudes from all areas of the map.until one day we each picked up a skateboard. none of knew we had the common bond until, we had all met in santa rosa. many years ago.....the reason we met? a fukken skateboard. now look at us many years later, and we are still doin the same shit. grabbin our boards and lookin for that endless concrete wave. so yeah the road behind all of us is open with no traffic. kind of like infinite possibilities......trip out on that man.

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------now back to the matters at hand over thirty's road trip. hell a couple of these guys will be forty in the next couple of years. see if you can take a guess.enough OF THE B.S. here is the roster.

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****click here. for eves' photos of the trip.

-----van life.

-----open road.

-----warm up bump

-----big poppa on the no comply

-----lohnestar on the tre' flip

-----hendo man handles some manny styles

-----the eureka fun!

-----there is a ledge out here. but it was really crummy. so i shot this photo.

-----get some.

-----keg stand?

-----when was the last time you skated a real ditch?

-----oru, wallie

-----eves' rock and rolls

-----double set, no one in their 30's could make that.

-----lohne star, over the double

-----do you see, what i see?

-----best beer selection......EVER!!!!!

-----hotel accommodation's


-----it took a team effort to skate this ditch.

-----it doesn't say no skateboarding

-----the ladies love eves'

-----manny pad

-----the pyramid banks.

-----lucain moon.special over 30 guest.

-----lucian. C is for crooks.

-----vince nolte claims this guy. is his dad.

-----when you are in your 30's you need to re-hydrate after a session

-----beer goggles

-----big poppa sez' its time for the high octane fuel.

-----wait till lohne breaks out the slo-mo footy of this one

-----after a few beers, shit gets blurry

-----hendo caught in one of my art fag moments.

-----art fag moment


-----zeke the shiek 5-0 to fakes

-----do you see that shit?

-----what is goin on here?

-----this is what was really goin on. lucian, ripping. i stole this photo from lohne star.

-----eves good side

-----eves not so good side

-----oru never got a proper bachelor party. so we went to the tip-top lounge. justice decided to provide the entertainment to the crew.

-----guess who we ran into the next day. and she bought us candy. who says strippers are bad people.

-----backyard bowl.....

-----when your in your 30's. you can hang your dirty underwear from the roof of the van.

-----chalker witha cassette player and a coldie.

-----oru showing his "o" face.

-----three days of shredding can make old guys tired.big poppa and hendo.

-----this crew of old asses held it down. i suggest you gather up all yer old ass friends and do the same.

-----this may be the most tech chronicles vid yet.

-----hendo's weeak vid. "stay old"