Monday, April 15, 2013


-----i have been laggin on this post for a couple of weeks. i hopped in the van with some homies as they were filming for the upcoming brotherhood video. i actually skated street for a whole day(yes kids a 40 year old man in the streets).. so fun..... i don't wanna spoil it, so here are a few pics. i wanna thank my dude, brian henderson for sending me the pics he took on the same day.....everybody shredded and we all had a good time.

-----lohne star. big flip. he stomped a few on this day.

-----nick. switch backside flip. he was close but no cigar.

-----sinath. nollie late flip. he landed on a couple and got bucked off.

-----marlon. bush crook

-----tone'. three flip footplant.

-----hendo, proper street technique. he learned from the master hedgemen.

-----desmond. big ol' ollie. (hendo pic)

-----chris, eye's the drop.

-----hendo's version.

-----nick. back-smith.

-----sinath. crooks

-----dez. nosegrind.

-----me, chalker. trying to get a 50-50.(hendo pic)

-----yea! i made it!

tone'. back tail.

-----hendo pic.

-----lone star. nose bonk.(hendo pic)

-----the story behind this pic, is the old lady was really stoked on watching jon skateboard. she wishes she could have learned how to ride one in her day. so jon said if he lands the trick, she has to take a pic with him. she was totally down. so rad. a good ending to a good day. (hendo pic)

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