Monday, May 28, 2012


-----somehow hendo, ruska and myself all had the same day to skate together. also on the same day we hooked up with our old luma' pals ian and holland. these two are total rippers and chill kids. so with crew in tow, we hit 3 spots in the south bay. we had a crap load of fun. hendo got some clips for his latest installment in his weeak vids series. we got some pics. had a couple of beers and the craziest was a solar eclipse. the lighting got crazy we all got nerdy and took photos. just like this one.

-----spot number one.

-----the crew scopes out some lines

-----holland. front crooks

-----ian, backside 180 nosegrind

-----had to stop at whole foods. got some quality eats. me and the ruska got some brews. brown bag not optional.

-----spot number 2

-----ian ollie up to 50

-----blunt attempt

----the ruska oliie to nose slide/credit card/crappy sequence

-----nose slide across

-----hendo, surf city

-----last spot of the day.

-----ian does the coolest trick this place has seen.

-----brian checks out the solar eclipse


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jediah scott said...

So jealous. Such sick parks