Friday, April 19, 2013


-----well according to a comment left on the last forty ounce friday and i quote. "Food for thought: you seem to take no accountability for the influence older skateboarders like yourself have on promoting drinking while skateboarding."........ well it seems the young ones need some positive role models. i am gunna put my dude uriah aka U.G., up for a positive role model. lets see, he is married. has two kids that he takes care of. works 40-60 hours per week. last but not least, he owns his house....WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!!!!!! no way??? a scummy ass dude that not only shreds on the skateboard, but handles life. sounds like you kids have some pretty big shoes to i guess drinking brews while skateboarding seems like a good vice for a man, who handles more shit before noon than most......and yes i used this pic before but sometimes you gotta go back to the archives to make a valid point. T.G.I.F.O.F.

-----video proof.

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