Monday, September 5, 2011


-----i had a couple of hours to kill the other day before i got my kids. so i grabbed my helmet and headed over to the sebastopol skatepark.i figued it would be empty if the helmet police showed i would be ok cuz i was just rolling around. well when i pulled up. so did my buddy casey meyers. he told me he had a hour before work. so we ended up filming for a few. this is what went down. for the record this dude is way too good. he has that natural ability. he get's a little hook up from emerica shoes. i just wish someone down there would send him to the tampa am or that other one in costa mesa the damn am. anyways i gotta go back to work tomorrow. so i figured i would get this done before i have no time again. laterrrssssss...............

-----pop tart

-----damn. all this before work. this dude needs to quit his day job.

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