Tuesday, July 31, 2012


-----so i got to skate a few sundays ago. i forgot why. but, that doesn't matter. all that matters is. i hooked up with evan tauzer aka dookie trousers. by the way hours before he bailed out to tailand.......casey meyer, and the other casey....casey waits. also before i forget. orion mussleman aka o-ru was there. plus his lady....... did i also mention it was 95 degrees out? so all the footy is shirtless. yep. heckle all you want. but we survived.....i would like to add on a side note. you will notice in the video my white balance is fucked.yep. i hope to win another camera on ebay as we speak.

-----pretty sure i am older than this guy. some dudes try too hard to be extreme. snake board + go pro = lame status

-----two styles of the crooked grind. dookie trousers.

-----casey, balance beam

-----after some skoaching, o-ru got some good airwalks

-----i had to put a pic of o-ru's lady on her cuz she sweated as much as we did. sorry erica. this pic is what you got.

-----shirtless footy

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