Friday, April 12, 2013


-----it's forty ounce friday. do you know where your kids are. just type in #40ouncefriday on the instagram and i bet you will find them.


live from saturday night said...

Food for thought: you seem to take no accountability for the influence older skateboarders like yourself have on promoting drinking while skateboarding. Sarcastically writing 'the kids are where 40oz friday is' just reinforces the lack of awareness some of the older skateboarders around sonoma county have as role models for younger impressionable skateboarders coming up. thanks for reading.

-grateful for life-


well its nice to see that people actually check out this crap i put up. as for the pic above, i took it under a bridge in san jose. i wanted to show the lack of parenting that is wide spread in this country. anyways, i made this blog for the older skaters. the forty ounce friday thing is actually for the working class skater out there. we work hard all week and on friday's. and at the end of the week you should treat yourself, so you don't go insane. i do not promote alcoholism in any way shape or form. simply, just relaxing. growing up skateboarding i saw my hero's take drugs and party there lives away. people always wanna put the blame on someone else. we all need to look within ourselves to make good choices and use the bad choices that others make in order to guide ourselves in a more positive direction. in these modern times were kids see all kinds of crazy crap thanks to the internet,(my point. with the instagram reference) i am pretty sure some old barneys riding skateboards and drinking brews is the least of this worlds problems. thanks again for the comment. cuz, sometimes alot of people seem to forget that this blog was created for the older guys in order to keep us all connected, no matter we are one the planet.

Anonymous said...

It's a hell of a lot better than promoting energy drinks and all of the other bullshit you see mercilessly pecking at skateboarding in 2013. Go complain to the Ride Channel for their Weekend Buzz show which actually shows professionals drinking and talking about wrecking hotel rooms and partying.

nyquil said...


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