Tuesday, April 23, 2013


-----it was my dude casey meyers surprise party gathering. so a few of the homies from rosa decided to head down to santa cruz. it was me, marlon, drew, ian and christina. we started at novato and then headed to santa cruz to be there in time to surprise him. before i bail, i wanna thank ian and christina for driving. i also wanna thank my dude gary o. a true skate rat/party animal for letting me use his pics. click here to see his web page. i have always been a fan of your stuff homie. and to drew, "i get dem digits" and my dude marlon, we had a good time...last but not least happy birthday casey! we had a blast!

-----drew. doing what he does best. fatty to flatty.

-----thanks mom and dad for driving us down here. aka daddy ian and momma tina'

-----party peoples.

-----just wait.


-----birthday chug.

-----i dont normally drink hard booze. but, when there is a bottle of jack and you are wearing a gg allin shirt. you kinda have to.

-----the next morning, i was hyped to get marlon on my sunday breakfast styles. a 24 ounce bud light chelada' and a breakfast burrito from, safeway. just under 5 bux. damn!


-----ian, got a nose blunter sequence. click on it!

-----marlon. airwalk.

-----happy birthday, brotha!

--------party vid.

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