Sunday, April 27, 2014


-----so i got the call that ian was gunna drive up to ukiah with some fellow scumbags for some good times. it was ian, bob, stu, nards and myself. with a special appearance by skylar. the day was filled with tons of fun and lots of slams. i sometimes wish that the skateboarding that you see on tv, would be more like this. just some dudes having fun and falling down. not, all makes, gold chains and bmw's. so, grab your board, some brews and your buds. cuz, skateboarding just to have fun is what it's all about. see you down the line! oh yeah, i almost forgot. pour some out for the dad style point and shoot. i got home that night and discovered it was broke. kind of a bummer. i have used it since day one i started this thing.

-----nards. make.

-----stu. make.

-----bob. slam

-----ian. slam.

-----chalker. slam.


-----last pic on the dad cam :(

-----rest in pieces old friend.

-----brews, boards, and butt bruises.

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