Monday, April 21, 2014


-----so what ended up to be a fluke saturday of the homies skating around turned into a little barney sesh out at monte rio. so as it would be it got super windy and we just dorked off for the most part. that was until the sheriffs showed up because someone had said we were shooting off a gun, i wish i would have took a pic, but i blew it. so here are some crummy pics, cuz the batteries in my video camera had died and my point and shoot is broken. so all this is with the good ol' iphone. thank goodness for technology.

-----grabbing some beers and came across this. 20 bux for a little swizzler froma one armed lady???????

-----the battery was just about to die. so no video styles.

-----stu. trv styles.


-----impromptu bar.

-----ryan fulton, made a guest appearance.

-----backside floater.

-----sole wax. i was hyped on these pics. he is a street dog. so seeing him hit some grinds was awesome.


-----eye of the tiger.

----o ru.

-----the ruska.

-----killa hoe.

-----here is my trick. the ghetto kite. stu pic.

-----beer frame.

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