Saturday, April 5, 2014


-----so when was the last you got to skate the healdsburg skatepark? it's been awhile since they like to hand out tickets, like its going outta style. so we ventured north anyways. well aware that the scooter factor was gunna be high. after a few hours the police did a couple of drive by's. no stopping to harass us at all. could it be? healdsburg police have finally realized that handing out skateboard tickets is lame? i guess we will never know. cuz, i am sure it will be another year or so before we head up there. oh yeah, before i forget that place used to be buttery smooth. now its rough and crustie. better hurry and get some before the surface turns into sandpaper.

-----orion aka o-ru. ollie.

-----so everyone decided to get flippy on this part.


-----one eye willie.

-----brown steve.

-----uncle moe.

-----crustie jamboree.

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