Saturday, April 12, 2014


-----so the crew embarked on another trip out to the st.helena park. it was hot and we had some cold brews. everyone had their shirts off at one point and the first official h.o.g.s. pic was taken. yea, the shit you do with your buddies for fun. beers, boards, and barney's.

----moe. frontside wallride.

-----the ruska. with the buttska.

-----willie. wall ride.

-----pierre. 80's style.

-----this is what it looks like when you upload a insta clip. i kind of like it.crappy chronnie sequence.

-----for the ladies. calendar, never. H.O.G.S. hot older gentleman skateboarders.

-----so at the end of the sesh, we stopped at gotts burger stand. oh yeah, they serve hamms!

-----get cho skank on!

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