Saturday, May 25, 2013


-----so my homie skylar and gina decided to move to alaska for the birth of their child. so what a better way to send your homie off, than with a going away sesh at the st. helena skatepark. we all had a good time. met a couple of cool dudes. (brian and santino). we also had a little barbeque styles and drank a lot of beers. so wherever you are right now en route to your destination i hope you get to peep this.

-----table talk.

-----chronnie cam on the gram'. first pic by taco bill

-----skylar. grinder.

-----scotty. bench carve.

-----brian. smith.

-----santino. back tail crail.

-----41 year old man. crail in the deep end.

-----homie wanted to be on the chronnies so bad. i asked him what he had. here you go. drop in of doom.

-----ian. top rope truck grinder.

-----stu learned the creeper. (crail sweeper)


-----some video styles.

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nyquil said...

that skatepark is SO FUCKING FUN. Too bad people get issued 400 dollar tickets for not wearing full pads n helmet....
By the way you're 41 years YOUNG my nigs, and have a lot more spunk and genuine passion for this shit than most of these youngsters ever will!