Saturday, March 29, 2014

JOE JAM 2014

-----so, last saturday was the annual "joe jam". where we all get together to skate and for our fallen brother joe hyland. joe was definitely one of the most original humans i have ever met. he skated unlike anyone else. he rode a zip zinger the way most ride a regular board. any grind or flip trick you could do, he did it better and with more style on that little board. the mark he left on the santa rosa skateboard scene is legendary. so, raise a tall for my man joe!

-----steven. frontside noseslide.

-----sovann. boardslide.

-----kevin. nose blunt slide.

-----moe. nose skid pop over.

-----brown steve. maiden flip.

-----lohne star. backside grab.

-----the ol' one foot.

-----ian. front board kiss.

----got it.


-----good times.

-----we miss you joe.

-----never forget joe hyland.

-----video fun.

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