Saturday, March 8, 2014


-----i have been over to the st helena park a few times in the past couple of weeks. so i had some footy with my camera and my iphone.(for the record mac and pc's dont work together, i had to get crafty trying the slo mo shit.) anyways enjoy the fun. the young guns and the old barneys had a good time.

-----lil' shculie. back smith.

-----angel kick flips the bacon strip, while sergio contemplates his life after 30.

-----the ruska. back tail.

-----mexi matt. stylers.

-----the last four pics are by my man jakkerz. to see them in the high rez, head over to the oulk site.

-----moe. lipps'

-----joel. board skidder.

----- u.g. f.s.g.

-----one-eye willie. no comply bonk.

-----iphone/trv footy.

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