Wednesday, March 19, 2014


-----so last sunday, what started out as four of us(me, one eye willie, sergio,and moe)heading out to the monte rio park, ended up into a entire barney sesh. as the time passed others showed up like, jared, bob, ian,sole wax, stu g, taco bill and captain stu albano. then outta nowhere koogle, big poppa and lohne star show up. not to forget trevor was there as well. anyways, lohne star brought his video drone which gave us some super sick air styles filming.......oh yeah, better say whats up to big poppa in the next couple of weeks, cuz he is seattle bound.

-----barney styles.

-----pierre. getting into a proper barney stance.

-----i took a pic of ian doing a boneless. then a huge gust of wind came outta no where.(note hat blowing off head)


-----tail skids.

-----bob. lien to tail.


-----kehoe and bob doubles.

-----kehoe switch feebs.

-----jared. backside ginder.

-----chronnie cam.

-----lohne star, bonus edit.

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