Saturday, March 1, 2014


----- iam still trying to figure out who's bright idea it was to coin the word "hipster" with drinking pabst blue ribbon beer. as far as i can remember back it was all a bunch of scumbags that drank it. i mean who remembers when there was a time that it was nearly unattainable here in california. so, now with its come back all these cheese dick, shit stache', fixed geared, sister wearing pants wannabe's are fucking it up for me and my crew of miscreants. now, lets get to the pics. these have been on my hard drive for about two years. i also had some footy on the old dad cam in there too. so, if you wanna know what a real pabst drinker looks like and the atmosphere its contained in, look no further.

------a night at the 440 about 2 years ago.

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