Saturday, May 19, 2012


-----well the van set out to ukiah and willits on a whim. as you can see in the pic above it was a full crew. i am always stoked to climb on board. when i heard the legendary ron chatman was on board. plus my homie eric simpson from the dirty 30's 2.0 trip was rolling too. it was on. so long story short, if you got a chance to hop in the van, take it. cuz you never know what you might get.

-----load em up

-----van p.o.v.

-----we stopped at the h-town park to stretch the legs and stink up the van

-----stu, stretching before skateboarding

-----billy gabe sergio zavalla, got the crew hyped with this long ass noseslide.

-----for some reason after this rail thingy i kept referring to jacques as "street jakkerz"

-----jakkerz 50's this thing from top to bottom. so sick!

-----ron chatman, frontside air.

-----as the crew got some road sodas, austin whipped out a fs board

-----the official, unofficial sponsor of the over 21 van lifer's

-----pulled up to the ukiah park and claimed our spot.

-----when was the last time you saw hector do a 180 heelfip?

-----i snapped this one of eric a bit late. he was moving way to fast

-----big poppa. bowl troll

-----ian got broke off earlier in the day. i think he was about to get wrecked again

-----i was hyped to see some actual roller skates

-----austin, fly on the wall

-----steven kind of shut it down with this crooks into the bank.

-----on the way home we got pulled over for driving to slow. how fast can a van possibly go with all of our fat asses in it?

----up in the big boy section at willits park

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