Thursday, May 17, 2012


----when my buddy jakkerz put this up today i was in tears. really? skateboarding thru a mid-life crisis? first off this is from the new york times. i guess they have never heard of the dirty 30's. so lame to think that we are all a bunch of weird longboarding has-beens. there are so many problems with the photo above i dont know where to begin. all my friends are close to 40. we aint slowin down for shit. we might not be chuckin our carcasses down rails or flight of stairs, but we still can get shreddy. add some beers to this and your park or spot might get taken over with loud screams, slams and some shredding. "we are the old crew" sung to this riff right here. i know we have seen these video's before it just makes my point that much more valid.

-----is your dad still skating like these dudes.

-----still thinking your dad can do a kickflip at almost 40?

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Ha ha ha i'm a longboarder gal but i hate see a guy on a longboards. Longboards are for chickelette gals. Real men are on skateboards and watch 90's skateboarding videos with Notorious Big sounds that's all :)