Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(mini) VAN LIFE

-----brian is trying to film another episode for his weeak vids. so he loaded up some dudes and headed back out for another shot at that american canyon spot. the crew was b hendo, myself, stu, that gypsy ass kevin, nards and steven "the ninja" tran. needles to say i saw some shit go down. not for money, not for fame, for the love of skateboarding..........stay tuned.

brian filming for the latest weeak vids installment

-----steven. aka ninja. warm up boneless into the bank

-----half cab into the bank over the gap. session just got turned up a notch

-----nards. pop shuv. you now your shits tight when it looks like a kickflip in a still frame.

-----stu. wallride

-----next level shit.

-----me, chalker. kickflip to fakie. one of the last handful of flips still have.

-----hendo gets flippy

-----kevin, nollie heelflip 180

----stu, ready to bail the scene

-----found this on the way out

-----came across a pre-fab in american canyon. looks like it may have some potential.


-----limo life

-----on the way home we stopped at the sonoma park.

-----we all know nards love him some 40's of king cobra. looks like he is trying to not to get bit.

-----some experimental type shit here.

-----kevin. snake charming

-----stu. boneless

-----mini van life

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