Tuesday, February 28, 2012


-----i can't remember who i was talking too about wheels from the 90's. they didn't believe me when i told them how small they got. i am not gunna lie, i rocked many sets. it was all we had to choose from for a while. then 5 minutes after you threw em' on. they got flatspots. i guess it was bound to happen. skateboarding is always evolving. so at that time it went from giant wheels like the bullet 66's. then literally overnight they turned into bearing covers. so to those that picked up a skateboard after that be thank full. cuz the 90's skateboard look was just as bad..........but hey since companies are doin reissues. can i get some of them 40mm spit's for my garage. hint, hint deluxe.

*****click the pick above...and yes i know my scanner sucks. welcome to my world.

-----check out how small those wheels are. danny way still killing it.

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