Tuesday, February 7, 2012


-----amigos part two. we got some soon to be pro's, a skater of the year, sick filmers for video of the year, rad dads and rock stars in this next one. see if you can pick em' out. santa rosa was the place to be at this point in skateboarding.

-----danny ramirez. i have been skateboarding with this dude for a long time. dude is mega good at the flipity board thingy. his last trick is so fucking sick. watch it till the end! i havent seen this dude in a minute. danny if you read this, hit me up to shred with old guys!

-----jon lohne. aka lohne star. this dude is always on the chronnies too. what is truly crazy is jon went from riding for the shop to owning it. talk about full circle. coming all the way down here from the portland area. this dude has been killing it way back then and up until this day. dirty 30's trip. fool went bananas with a double set kickflip.

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