Sunday, February 12, 2012


-----so last sunday a crew decided to go skate the ukiah park. so we all climbed in the van and headed out. lohne-star shot the pic above. pretty good times i must say. if you are someone you know has a van i suggest you fill it full of your buddies and hit the road. trust me, you will not regret it. oh yeah jakkerz shot some cool pics too. you can see them over at the oulk site.

-----ukiah park.

-----heated discussion about which hemmoroid cream is the best.

-----zappy said he hadn't skated in months. i think he lied.

-----lohne star board slide to fakie into the bank. still shredding that ron allen h-street.

-----billy gabe on the jason jessee re issue

-----mexi matt, keep on truckin'

-----carli is cruxin'

-----came across this harsh bank.

-----austin funk, aka spunk slammed a crap load on this. his feet were always on the board. but the impact was way too much.

-----hendo shot this. stu boneless in the sandpaper.

-----told you that spot was rough

-----just a couple of clips. i was too busy skateboarding.

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