Wednesday, February 8, 2012


-----john ponts. this dude is also known as pontsarelli or depontez around these parts. his last trick is fucking hairy. i still have seen no one step to this gap. after he bailed the rosa scene for sown south. he got hooked up by dogtown. then black label but got a better gig over at creature. prior to that, dude got the cover of thrasher. so if you are looking for him now, he is probably flying over alaska still being a scumbag. miss you buddy.

-----the credits. this shit is funny. just watch and see. also read what people put in there credits. you will get a chuckle outta that for sure.....lastly there was a bonus part to this. but the d.v. tape i have doesn't have it on it. when powner puts it up in the future, i will chuck it up. until then thanks for watching a piece of santa rosa skateboard history. i hope to chuck up some more for you guys. i think i gotta work late tomorrow. so i will see you on 40 oz fri........chalker.

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