Wednesday, June 12, 2013


-----so i got wind that legendary rosa ripper jason farthing was gunna be in town with his band the budrows. not only that leo romero and his band cuates was also on the bill. sounds like we got some skate rock ready to roll. so lets re-cap. you want more of the budrows, click here. if you want more of cuates, click here.

-----o.g. rosa ripper jason farthing.

-----the budrows.


-----the ruska, fogie and the juice tiger.

-----board meeting.

-----look beyond this dude in the foreground and you can see josh and amber.

-----chuck watts, kerry and his lady.

-----the nard's and his lady.

-----ian, fupa and marlon.

-----o.g. rosa park lady rippers. julia and el' reya.

-----nick the knife and crew.

-----jon miner, ready for another.

-----crew, the ruska and squints.

-----som and ashley stepped out.

----stu and leo. the other "cuates"

-----well at least its not my brother getting naked this time. after party at miners.

********sorry these video's arn't in h.d. at this time dad can't afford it. so just close your eyes and enjoy the tunes.

-----the budrows.


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Anonymous said...

The Chalker Chronies...keepin' it real. Keep rulin' in Issac....