Tuesday, June 25, 2013


-----well, on this little chronnie, i got lucky enough to get in the van and get some pics of the boys heading back into the west county. a shit load of clips got filmed for the up-coming brotherhood boardshop vid. it all seemed good till some undercover's rolled up on us. so be careful out there cuz skateboaders are still being profiled.

-----tone' loc. rockin like a hurricane.

-----baby boots. back tail.

-----stu. barney boardslide

-----travis. back smith

-----munz. front-crook

-----marlon. k.f.b.t.s.

-----dirty 30's ripper, o'ru showing the kids proper ollie styles over the rail


-----over the hard way.

-----dad life.

-----shane. lip skip.

-----marlon. proper chain surf form.

-----munz, over the chain and on down.

-----shane shut it down with the switch ollie.

-----so, we show up at the last spot and for reasons i will not disclose. tone' and stu got tickets from theses undercover cops. be on the look out. they are lame as fuck. it's two guys and a chick. they look like total bro's and can be seen driving a pontiac grand am like this one. looks likE it time to head back to rosa.

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