Monday, June 3, 2013


-----let's face it. the skate dad is probably not the trendiest dude on a board. we get heckled by our kids. just cuz we ain't rocking this season's latest. i mean, i don't know too many skate dads that are rocking skinny jeans and v-necks. for the most of us make do with what we got. take a look at the top pic by my homie walsh. that's why i thought it would be kind of fun to see what all the regular skate dads rock on session with the homies. so, if your are on the instagram you can use #thedadlifecollection or you can email it to me at and i will gram' it for you. so until i can figure out a better way its easier to host it, this way. i made a little button on the side bar so you can see what is going on whenever you are cruising thru. who knows maybe some clothing catalogs will take notice and give me a ring for some help..........ha! yeah right.

-----standard issue for dad life.

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