Sunday, January 20, 2013


-----so me and the ruska headed up to the ukiah park today. on the way up we talked about the bones brigade documentary. basically, barneying the fuck out. we got on the subject of, what was next for skateboarding, from that point in time.i remember telling him that this part was the first 360 flip on street i had ever saw and knew skateboarding was gunna get harder. i also had no clue that these guys would start the next revolution in skateboarding..... anyways before guy mariano was making the best comeback ever, he rode for powell. so rad to see how skateboarding has changed since the 80's...anyways i am not sure who shot the pic above(of the ruska), but i thought it would go good with this post. thanks to whoever shot it. i also got some pics and video from today's ukiah sesh to be put up in a couple of days. so enjoy this time machine trip.

-----paulo diaz. guy mariano. gabriel rodriguez. rudy johnson.

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