Monday, January 28, 2013


-----are you kids ready for a old-ass story? back on my birthday in 1985,(7th grade) i got a vision, mark "gator" rogowski skateboard. so down the street my buddy mike johnson had a board too. so we started to skate the curb in front of my apartment and the bi-lo shopping center in between our homes. we had other skate rat homies that lived in the area too, but that is another tale. so anyways when. 1987 rolled around i was a freshman at ukiah high. that's when i met anthony aka tony walsh. so for the next few years we all kinda skated around ukiah. until i moved away. by the time i got back. mike was playing music. walsh had moved away and the whole small wheels big pants of the 90s took where am i going with this barney ramble. i caught word that they both would be at the ukiah skatepark. so i got a hold of the ruska and we made tracks in the early am. right before all the scooter kids woke up. it was pretty cool seeing mike on a board again. tony has never really stopped, but to think 27 years ago i stepped on a board with these dudes is pretty amazing. most of the kids i skate with now arn't even that old. so take it in kids. i hope all you make it this long and longer. skateboarding is the one thing that can never grow old. you might get married, have kids and a job. but guess who is chilling in the garage waiting for you. it knows your busy. but when you get that first push you know its like you never left. oh yeah the picture above. mike, tony and myself. barneys for life.

****** i got some pics and clips of the uk dudes as well. not all geezer footy.

-----denton. mini-bowl. mini-fsa.

-----tony walsh. doing more shit than most dads half his age. teaching yourself to do inverts at damn well 40 years old deserves a cold one.

-----the ruska. trying to surf past the reef.

-----whats so rad about this pic of mike. is that he still has the same ollie style damn near 27 years later. check the arms.

-----eric. fakie ollie to fakie backside nosegrind.

-----good times. great oldies.

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