Friday, January 11, 2013


-----well word got out that the slab was gunna be demo'd. i was in l.a. and couldn't be there. but, with less than 24 hours the crew came together for one last ride. we all knew this day was coming. it was a great spot while it lasted. i found some old 40 oz pics from the slab, to put up. i also made a edit of the last quick clips i had on my camera. its kind of a bummer. but, that's skateboarding. we all know that spots don't always last. so enjoy what you got and make the most outta the session....oh, shit before i forget jakkerz put up some stuff on the oulk site. he took a bunch of pics. also, before i bail, click here for some google slab images from the chronnies. or if you want to check out some old post's here is the google link for that too. later skaters!

-----tony and waylon made it out for the last session

-----its official

-----U.G. the man who made this spot happen. we all need to thank this dude for all his hard work.


-----squints, robbie, drew and nacho.

-----brown steve.

-----this is one of the few pics i might have got over the time span. venice beach style wall ride. thanks josh

-----i didn't want to add any music, so you could hear the sweet sounds of concrete and metal.

-----lohnestar made a rad edit of the last session. watch it.

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