Friday, December 16, 2011


-----so 40 ounce fridays was official on the chronnies, friday, april 30th 2010. all though we have been drinking 40's since way before then, its kinda cool that we got our own spot showin' everyone the good times we have. forty ounce friday's is yet another thing to keep all the skaters together. no matter how far apart we are, on friday's we know that we can sip on a 40 and our homies are doin the same. no matter where they are.....well, i had a clip that i never used for the teen age time machine video. so i decided to make it a 40 ounce friday commercial. enjoy.

-----turn it up nice and loud to maximize your experience......all the forties featured were from one night of chillin' at the h.q.

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