Saturday, December 17, 2011


----- i first met mike rusczyk aka the ruska many years back. he moved to santa rosa from chicago. one of the most unique styles ever on a board. always down to motivate the session even when he can't skate. the ruska is a true skater. anyways, i found this interview in a box of skateboard stuff i had. i think he had referred to his first pro board as the retirement model. at the same time a bunch of us got together and hand painted some decks to raise a little money for charity. we just sat in the garage, drank and painted. i think this interview went along with him turning pro. so before i start to babble real bad. hendo shot the pic above. it was a little trip me and mike took with the hendo's. ahhhh, those were the days. if you have time to go out and skate with your buddies i suggest you do so. cuz father time ain't pausing shit for nobody. you should check the ruska's site. its called ofad. also if you wanna peep the video action that went with the interview, click here. shit, now that i think of it i should just interview this dude. oh yeah, best no comply in the biz..........i am done babbling.....enjoy

-----click on the side of the pick to read the interview. cuz if you click directly on the pic you cant enlarge it. see what i mean.

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