Tuesday, August 9, 2011


-----since my lung surgery, i can't skate. so,the last couple of days i have been hopping on my bike, and trying to get out and take some pictures with my crummy camera. that or try to film some shit. i forgot i had a couple of photos sitting on my camera. so here you go.......with that in mind hopefully in the next couple of weeks my little video will be done and ready to view and be heckled.

-----loach ollies's the cart

-----gone fishing

-----drew has commitment issues, so this is not a make

-----U.G. five o's the the cart

-----slobby mute

-----tony and squints riding the bull

-----mike eves, john travolta, and the bee gees

-----dan, blunt finger flip before "the incident"

-----tripping out man

-----phil.... crook'n in yet another one of my unpatented ghetto sequences

----back lip

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