Wednesday, August 24, 2011


-----so adam crew and the homies over at toebock wanted to hook up with the oulk dudes and the rats mobb to do a little end of summer jam. the toebock dudes were comin in hot off their freedom rock tour. well low and behold the van broke down and could not make it. so what happens when you got a skatepark full of skaters and some beers. well, i guess its time to make a scumday skate jam.

-----josh powner.......holy shit. when was the last time you actually saw this guy on a skateboard.

-----let's get geared up.

------where are you??????

------am i in the right place??????

-----the loach

-----oru varial heel flip backsider. if there was a best trick this should have won. not because he is old or nothing.

-----nacho, ollie

-----tony c is flying by

-----j rad wizzing by my dome while i am taking some pics.

----time to bail, no more beers

-----just some tricks that went down when i had my video camera out.

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