Saturday, August 20, 2011


------i have never claimed to be a photographer, or a filmer, or a musician. i just like to dabble in things i have a interest in. so i bought my wife the same camera my buddy jakkerz has. the only difference is jakk'z will let me learn how to shoot pictures with his. so here are a few i got with his cannon rebel. i tried to get all artsy on a couple. the best part was just being around skateboards. cuz when you can't skate(lung surgery) at least you can still have fun doing other aspects of skateboarding. that and drinking a 40 at dan's ramp on a friday evening.

-----the loach ollie

-----sqiunts switch smith

-----U.G. back tailslide

-----one eye willie rock and roll

-----jakkerz back tail

-----tony c ollie up to disaster

-----robbie 40 ounce friday to tom broke off

-----over and out

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