Sunday, July 17, 2011


-----i forgot i had these pics on my camera. about a month ago was the health and harmony fest here in santa rosa. it is the yearly ritual, where some guy makes a shit load of money off those who are trying to be eco-friendly. i won't lie. i love going every year to go skate and drink some beers. watching all the weirdo's and my friends getting smashed. what could be better than that. so this year's seemed to be a little less crazy. i don't know why. may be because the headlining act was primus. that or everyone smoked way to much weed. also if you missed last years harmony, click here and get some more casual vibes.

-----wall of doom.

-----biscuit launcher

-----the boys from whiskey drunk cycles were there

-----not a whiskey drunk cycle

-----bubba and tone loc'

-----soul wax and sean

-----i hav'nt seen chris in a long ass time

-----hendo showed up to take some pictures

-----stu the intern was there.

-----saif from pleasant skateboards was there too.

-----mini ramp

-----the crowd wondering, where the O.G. dread locked skater was?

-----dj booth by the folks at bear witness

-----eves, workin his set.

-----time to head into the belly of the beast. click on the photos to enlarge them.

----officially licensed merch?

-----cyber stiching

-----hendo vegitative state

-----save the earth by purchasing over priced beers

-----nothing says eco logical like a semi on the lawn keepin the beer cold

-----frickles, anyone?

-----time to trip out with primus.

------beers in the sun makes me forget how to film. not that i am a good filmer and or editor......enjoy

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