Tuesday, July 5, 2011


-----if you have been keepin up for the past few years, i have been doin this. i somehow always end up with pneumonia. i never knew how i got it. well, do to recent events.(coughing up blood). after they stuck a camera down my throat, it has been determined that i have a tumor in my left lung. since, i don't smoke the mystery of it's presence is baffling. the doctor said i pulled a bad card. to add insult to injury, if shit goes bad i might lose my lung. hmmmm....... fucking gnarly. i gotta go in for surgery, so i will be back soon. hopefully still intact. so do me a favor and shred some cool shit for me. maybe even guzzle a couple of 40's. see you guys in a little while.

-----makes me feel a bit better.

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