Monday, July 4, 2011


-----since it is the 4th of july weekend, why not get it started witha little bbq. ramp action. jakkerz got a flash for his camera and he wanted to learn how to take some pics with it and his new camera. what could be better than snappin pics of your buddies and some beer. just like to good ol' days.....i know i did a post similar to this last week. but i am just a old crustie trying to still skate and pretend i am 16. plus i gotta get surgery in a few days and want to skate a mini before i am out for a while. i wanted to have a good time just like last years.

-----U.G. backside tailslide



-----nosegind 2

-----dan up on the block

------the end of a boardslide to fakie

----one eyed willie, tells it like it is

-----eves, cruz contol


-----not a 40 year old virgin

-----johnny, bout' to land on the junk bank

-----j rad and joe

-----chalker, backside boneless

-----(v)rampire angle


-----keep on truckin

-----rob, hot doggin'

-----nacho, ollie up to 50-50 on the big e.

-----the loach, frontside ollie to finger flip. so rad.

------nose grab to d

-----stale fishing

-----nose blunt slide

-----air walk to fakie on the junk bank

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