Saturday, June 25, 2011


-----what would summer be without some ice cold beers and a mini ramp? i heard my buddy dan had re-sheeted his ramp and added some more room for fun. so me and willie stopped at the benton street beer store and headed over. when i got there i forgot how fun it was. not only was the new surface like skating on ice but the big crack on the block extension had gotten fixed. so i shot some pics with my crappy little camera. when your done reading this. find a mini ramp around your neck of the woods and grab some friends and coldies. let scummer vacation officially begin.

-----zeke the shiek, back d on the block

-----pick yer nose.

-----get on that smith

-----dan, ramp owner. frontside five

-----U.G. back smith slash

-----nose grab grinder

-----ruska, butt side five oh

-----tail skiddery

-----taking some pics for ofad.

-----jakkerz smith block

-----flapping them wings.

-----tony c. mystery trick

-----headin to the block

-----one eyed willie on the duece four

-----the loach gettin smithy

-----gettin' stale

-----still rolling with us.

-----to the victor's goes the spoils.

-----till next time...............

------a few hours after i did this post jakkerz let me use some pics he took. thanks buddy.

====================JAKKERZ SHOT ALL THESE================

-----zeke the shiek. ollie

-----switch crooks

-----tony c. slashin'

-----chalker smithereen

-----d up on the b

-----ruska five to fakie

-----U.G. five-0 nose grabber


-----loach stale fish

-----willie offered up 73 big ones to loach if he could do a noseblunt slide first try.

-----about 7 tries later he rolled away. at least he got 5 bux for his effort.

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