Sunday, June 19, 2011


-----this goes out too all the dads out there puttin in work. makin shit happen. as a father myself it is hard to balance all the shit that goes with it, plus skateboarding. so it makes it a little easier when your kid wants to go skate with you. so you tell the wife, "i am gunna take the kid out skateboarding". what is she gunna say "no?". so what could be better than that?...........watching your son carrying on the family tradition of skateboarding. maybe one day my kids will feel the passion. till then i will live thru all the others. oh yeah, i got the photo from juice magazine online. google images. credit where credit is due. i wish my dad was a skateboarder.

-----father and son together. good times.

-----alex, son of anarchy.

-----steve olson. rad dad

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