Wednesday, June 15, 2011


-----long story short. i gotta get surgery done in the next few weeks. i will elaborate later. so i wanted to have some fun with the wife and kids. what a better way than go tho the happiest pace on earth, disneyland. it was fun got to meet up with some homies and have a good time. i wanna thank the pizza chief for helpin a old crusty out. mr and mrs ruska for the good times, and of course my brother vic for the good times.

-----crazy light action

-----great space coaster

-----got the time?

-----jessica has a dirty little secret.

-----hangin with tinkerbell

-----disney makes boards??????????????????

-----astro blast

-----getting mauled.


-----legendary, uncle vic aka vic chalker. he wrote this song if you click the link.


-----in l.a. time waits for no one better make that power move, while wating in line.

-----dr jones. ride

-----submarine aka finding nemo. watch the video with slayer at the end. i was trying to tell my kid about the skateboarder that jumped from the top into the ride......just watch.

-----ate some dinner with the rusczyk's

-----indoor tiki

-----outdoor tiki


-----the long road home.

-----slayer in disneyland. the ender of this is crazy.

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