Sunday, March 18, 2012


-----so yet another van live mission went down. lots of cool shit went down too. this one had quite a variety of members. lohne-star, baby boots, stu, TC, nacho, tone' loc, austin spunk, oru, casey, drew and myself. i believe some of this will end up in the upcoming brotherhood video. so i just took pics. i didn't wanna ruin the good stuff. so enjoy some pics from around marin.

-----T.C. frontside five-o to yank out.

-----after all that he decided to go five-o to fakes.

-----austin. footplant to fakie.

-----nacho. wall ride.

-----stu. cess slide.

-----lohne star. all up in it.

-----casey. 50-50

-----break room.

-----austin. butt slide. so we rolled up on this hubba. one push was all you got. so i tried to do the ol layback front board but i couldn't get my carcass up on it. so austin took my idea and ran. oh yeah he kickflipped into this as well. and if you got this far, lohne star nose slid it. that's right on that ron allen board. i know i suck cuz i missed the photo. so you gotta watch out for it in the next vid.

-----nacho. 50-50 across. this ledge had skate stoppers on the sidewalk side. but was free and clear on the big ass dirt gap side. so i guess it was poor planning on their part. cuz skaters love a challenge.

-----tone' tries to go the distance

-----casey, switch hardflip.

-----tone loc'. kickflip. after this he proceeded to back 180 flip and frontside flip this thing.

-----lohne star three flipped it, bolts then board bummer on the big spin. h-street just needs to sponsor this dude already.

-----stopped in to see the crew over at triumph skate shop before we set sail.

-----spotted this gem as we rolled out.

-----van life.

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