Monday, March 26, 2012


-----so forrest aka hector wanted to go check out a bus over in the sacramento area. he decided to make a day of it and grab some dudes to go skate. since my lady was outta town for 3 days with the kids, i had the green light so skate all day and party all night..... needless to say this crew unded up as forrest, tony canaveri, stu, brown steve, casey, taco bill and myself. we hit up the street plaza over by mathers field. then it started to rain. stu knew where there was some ramps under this big hangar. sorry i didn't get no footage of it. but needless to say that TC handled buisness after killing one board at the first spot. so next time i will get something on tape. we all skated up a storm. got sweaty and celebrated like mad men.....see you guys on the road for the next one.

-----load em up

-----we didn't get the memo.

-----TC and bill checkin the lines.

-----get in the van

-----on the way to the next spot, we spotted some weirdness on the street.

-----is that a skatepark?


-----who wants to go bowling?

-----had to fuel up before the ride home.

-----pabst plus jamison. i guess we're making P.B.&J'S

-----tortillas and turkey. sounds like dinner

-----i guess we are stopping by the gun show before we get home.

-----van life.

-----since it was st. pattys and we skated all day, we had to stop at the 440 to celebrate.

-----st. pattys fun.

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