Wednesday, February 21, 2018

DAD CAM 2018

-----another saturday rolls around and the crew piles into the wormburban. we hit novato, san rafael(we cleared the place out and the cops showed up, because some suburban soccer mom didn't like our attitudes.) then, it was off to marin city. where the locals welcomed up with open arms and beers. the crew was stu, ian, dillon, steve, pierre, bobby and myself. tony and waylon met up at novato to have some fun as well. after a full day skating we stopped at mexi-matts house to wish him a happy birthday. so, enjoy some dad cam pics and video. it might not be high def, but its max fun.

-----mendo love. straight outta the ukiah town.

-----the dad cam and this guy have lots in common.

-----pierre blasting. (sergio pic)

-----pierre with dad cam bgp's (sergio pic)

-----stu with the gummy bear plant.



-----double trouble. bobby and pierre

-----the only pic i got at san rafael. thanks lady for calling the cops.

-----marin city

-----pierre nose skidder.

-----lady gaga

-----dinner with the boys.

-----i think my camera is drunk

-----over to mexi-matts house and ran into TC. 6six6

-----happy barfday matt!

-----dad cam, video styles.

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