Sunday, February 8, 2015


-----last week i got a call from moe that he and phil were headed to vallejo to skate and get a couple of clips with the other phil. i wasnt doin squat. so, i hopped in the car and got a couple of pics and burned a couple of calories. enjoy the visual.

-----the vallejo park.

-----skatepark scrawlings.

-----phil. kickflip to fakie.

-----moe. boneless.

-----phil. over the rail.

-----skater hater.

-----phillie. cart bonk.

-----i did a street ollie.

-----moe. wallie.

-----gotta give to receive.

-----keep it on the down low.

-----scum set.

-----just a dude with a parrot on a bike.

-----got it.

-----tech powered ride home.

-----video styles by the other phil, with some clips from the v-town and other spots.

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