Saturday, August 23, 2014


-----the 3rd annual tony evjenth memorial skate jam went down last sunday. it was the biggest and the most fun to date. big thanks to the hendo bro's and josh powner for getting all together. to everyone that showed up and anthony acosta for the photo above. also all the sponsors. everyone that put the word out. brown steve, sharkey and capri for the insta pics. words cannot describe what its like to see everyone out there. i should have taken more pics and filmed more stuff. i think i say that every year. raise one high for tony tonight!!!!!!

*******click on the pics to enlarge them!

-----here is the first jam

-----here is the second skate jam.

-----so much love.

-----marlon and munz. this might be one of my favorites i have taken in a min.


-----wes. small bowl via launch ramp.


-----brown steve took this pic of tony. the chuck berry air.

-----jeff, got a clip for the next chronnie vid.


-----80's vibes.

-----chris's edit.

-----jeff's edit.

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