Monday, July 23, 2012


-----on the 14th of july, the first annual tony evjenth memorial skate jam went down. it was a pretty amazing sight to see all the people that came out to honor the memory of a great man. there were hand painted boards up for auction, raffle tickets and a few best trick contests. if you have been around the park in its hey day you might have recognized a few of the legends out and about. sorry i didnt take more pics, but i was having a blast hanging with some old pals and goofing off on the old skateboard. it looks like this is gunna be a yearly event, so i hope to see all of you again, and maybe a whole lot more. a big thanks needs to go out to jeff henderson, brian henderson, and josh powner for organizing this whole event. a huge shout out to emerica shoes for renting the park for the day as well as all of these guys for putting up the prizes for the raffle. pleasant skateboards, toy machine, foundation, pig, girl, shake junt, deathwish, thrasher, baker, transworld, dakine, and of course santa rosa's brotherhood boardshop. yes, that list is huge. see maybe you need to make it out next year. its only going to get better. also the most important thing, NEVER FORGET TONY EVJENTH!!!!!!!

-----lets get this started.

-----bid on a board.

-----o.g.'s, jon miner and old dirty james

-----hendo and manfre

-----skatepark legends, whiskey jay and the silver surfer. do your homework kids.

-----wes, sonoma wine tour


-----as the best trick got underway, the media storm followed

-----spruce, should have won best trick for bonging some mad dog 20/20. it dont get no gnarlier than that.

-----brown steve.

-----kevin, nards, tony and nate.

-----dennis busenitz. two views of his nose blunt slide across the box. check the video

-----the ruska

-----old dirty james warming up with and ollie and his legendary back three

-----traffic jam

-----oru, crizzle, dookie trousers and mig's

-----drew and nards split best trick on the funbox

-----party poeple

-----laura and meg's

-----never forget

********check all these videos out!

-----lowcard edit.

-----morgans edit.

-----brian and bills footy

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