Sunday, July 21, 2013


-----after a nice little dad time with the family. it feels good to get back out with the homies to shred around. so, i grabbed gabe, beau tony,and headed to the ukiah skatepark. we decided to make it a morning sesh, since it was gunna be hot as fuck. good times were had by all and the icing on the cake was we were the only ones at the park for hours. well not true. the long time homie anthony walsh was there getting in his shred before dad life kicks in.

-----beau. rocks the big wall.

-----laybacker grinder.

------gabe. crooks.

-----chalker. frontside 180 nose grind.(billy-gabe buttshot pic.) i think i may have earned a beer on this one.

-----tony. first try frontside flip on the wedge.

-----ollie north.

-----even waylon, got to shred around the park. dad life.

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