Tuesday, March 19, 2013


-----last sunday on st. patricks day, me and some of the homies wanted to head to my hometown of ukiah. how could i say no. i skated street all day saturday,(pics to follow) and needed some cruise time. so we hopped in my honda crv and headed north. it ended up being stu(hurt is knee early on), ian harper, trevor bouchard and his homie, bob, bill and one eye/one knee willie. so we cruised up with the intent of getting some clips of bob and stu for their weeak vid part in the makes. usually when we are at this park i end up getting pics of the wedge, i decided to get some from the hardest spot so hit in the park. this 1/4 pipe is in a crazy spot. you gotta weave thru 2 way traffic and dodge all the kids on scooters. but if you get a trick you feel like a million bucks. so enjoy the crappy chronnie cam pics.

-----ian. frontside ollie. check that front foot.

-----bill wallis. one of these days i am gunna ask what this trick is called. ride up frontside. grind your front truck to backside 180 slide.

-----trevor bouchard. lien.

-----i forgot this guy's name. he showed up with trevor and killed it. back-sider styles.

-----bob. slob.

-----one eye willie. fresh off knee surgery. trust me his mouth was fully functional. pretty sure he heckled everyone at some point.

-----well i guess its official. when the moon comes out, it time to head home.

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